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    To Our Knlowledge We Are NOW, The Largest Discus Stockists In The NorthEast, With Over 500 Discus Now In Stock!!


    We Stock NO Less Than 12  "Proven Breeding Pairs"!!


    We Do NOT Buy Fish Off "Middle Men"


    We Do NOT Include Fins When Sizing Our Discus!! ( you get more for your money)


    All Our Fish Are Bought Direct From one Professional Breeder/farm




    Our New Built Premises Is Now Open After 8 Long Months Of Hard Work, Dedication And Commitment.


    We Will Be Bringing A Vast Amount Of Fish In This Year As We Now Have Even More Capacity!! Adding a further 1700ltrs inc a massive 500 ltr sump system.


    I Would Like To Wish All Our Customers And Future Customers A Very Happy New Year.

    We Look Forward To Supplying You With More Quality Fish In 2016.




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Pro Sponge Filters

 Discus Pro Sponge filters are a must for any Discus tank whether its for breeding, a holding system, sales tanks or display tanks.

Why just have bubbles when you can have a backup of your main filtration? Our Discus Pro Sponge filters fit nicely into aquarium corners allowing easy netting of fish and easy cleaning!


Availability in stock:


Product Name and Price

Discus Pro Breeder (up to 100ltr)                                    £10.99


Discus Pro Breeder with flow bend (up to 100ltr)            £12.99


Discus Pro Wide (up to 100ltr)                                        £11.99


Discus Pro Wide with flow bend (up to 100ltr)                £12.99


Discus Pro Corner (up to 100ltr)                                      £12.99


Discus Pro Corner with flow bend (up to 100ltr)              £14.99


Discus Pro Jumbo (up to 200ltr)                                     £19.99


Discus Pro Jumbo with flow bend (up to 200ltr)              £19.99


Discus Pro Mega Jumbo (up to 300ltr)                            £22.99


Discus Pro Mega Jumbo with flow bend (up to 300ltr)         £22.99